CASE STUDY: Product Prototyping

Researched, designed and tested a tracking product for a Fortune 500 company. Result encouraged collaboration, secured sensitive documents and improved transparency during complex business transactions.

Prototype screen, Desktop


A company-wide enterprise software initiative hinged on providing an intuitive interface that addressed pain-points for internal users and clients.


How can we bring better efficiency, security and visibility for all parties?

Everyday, the company maintained hundreds of complex client transactions, some of which spanned months. Many transactions involved multiple parties sharing dozens of confidential documents – most sent as unsecured email attachments. Sometimes personnel changes occurred mid-stream, taking essential knowledge with them or lost in email threads. Finally, difficultly keeping all parties informed of updates and status changes resulted in a lack of alignment, leading to inefficiency and frustration.


When ordering a pizza delivery, mobile "tracker" apps update customers when the pizza is done, out for delivery, and at their doorstep. Could this simple idea be expanded to complex, months-long business transactions?

The UX challenge was to craft an intuitive user experience that breaks the process down into logical phases and tasks, provided functionality to securely share documents and collaborate without email, and give real-time status updates to all parties.

Serving as Principal Experience Designer, my cross-functional team was provided 12 weeks to explore this concept. We completed a successful prototype in 10.

Deliverables included:

  • Interviewed over 20 different knowledge experts and clients
  • Created personas for all parties
  • Built a complete business blueprint
  • Wireframed the interface
  • Designed a clickable prototype
  • Presented of results to stakeholders across the company
  • Incorporated feedback into revised designs

Additionally, as we were working during the height of the COVID pandemic, we innovated new ways of collaborating and sharing our work remotely, creating a model for others in the company to follow.


The successful prototype served as a model for other complex client-facing processes within the organization's digital transformation.

Project artifacts

Research: Business blueprint of legacy process 

Business Blueprint

Research: Notable client feedback on legacy process

Client Feedback

Research: Common themes clients discussed in interviews

Client Insights

Research: Persona example


Humble beginnings. Starting with pen and paper avoids design getting too tight, too fast.

Wireframe 1

Design: Medium-fidelity wireframe showing UI

Wireframe 1

Design: Medium-fidelity wireframe showing notifications

Wireframe 2

Design: High-Fidelity prototypes for desktop and mobile

Wireframe 2