Motion Design & Animation

I'm created motion graphics for many different industries and purposes including education and social media campaigns.

Compilation Reel

Process: Developing an animation segment

Step 1. Develop the storyboards

Most animation work begins with a discussion with the client to define the message that need to be presented. A storyboard is then created that move step by step through the piece.

Paper sketched storyboards.

Step 2. Graphics production and script refinement

After approval, artwork is created. Company identity is reenforced where necessary. Compositions are then sent for approval to all stakeholders for input.

Storyboards with graphics.

Step 3. Final animation

In the following example, the finished product was a part of a site explaining a company's medicine delivery approach.

"Jay did amazing, beautiful work on eight interactives for people with Alzheimers, the PBS therapeutic game site." – Ted Selker, Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab