Selected projects

Including native mobile apps, enterprise software, web sites and interactive education

Native Mobile

Dating app for Open

Role: Research, personas, wireframes, journey maps, design, information architecture

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Few dating apps focus on the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Open wanted an experience that was more catered for these users in order to deliver higher quality matches.

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Research plan

To define user goals and pain points in apps currently on the market, I created a user survey and conducted interviews. I also performed a competitive analysis of several popular dating apps.

Primary findings included the need to ensure user profiles could allow for diverse orientation and gender identity selectors – critical to producing quality matches. Online safety was also critical, as harassment is widespread in dating apps (View Case Study).

Personas & Journeys

Transforming the research findings into guiding documents came next, beginning with personas. These personas were then leveraged to build journey and empathy maps.

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Example persona
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Hybrid journey/empathy map
Wireframes & Flows boards

Wireframes and interaction flows were then created, followed by a simple, HTML-based clickable prototype that could allow for user testing.

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Low-fidelity flow boards
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Medium-fidelity wireframes
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Medium-fidelity wireframes
High-Fidelity Designs & Development

Once feedback from testing was incorporated into the wireframes, high-fidelity designs were created and all UI elements were delivered to the development team. I partnered with the devs to guide functionality and problem solve. User testing continued throughout the process.

Wellness apps for Monroe Therapeutics

Role: Design, branding, information architecture, development

Monroe Sound Therapy app

Enterprise software

Cloud-based database management for Enterprise DB

Role: Design

Enterprise Database Management
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EDB's UX Director asked me to perform an assessment on their flagship software product and propose a better user experience that could guide future development.

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Software dashboard before

I started with competitive analysis and research into user's primary goals.

I found that the overall structure of the content was sound, but an abundance of dated icons and an unclear content hierarchy made it difficult to understand the data. Additionally, the overall bright white screen risked eye fatigue for those who used this software for hours at a time.


I proposed a dark mode option that would reduce eye strain and emphasize the status graphs. The visual hierarchy was more clearly defined. Icons were simplified and minimized. Additionally, visualizer colors were tweaked for the benefit of color-blind users.

In addition to presenting the evaluation to leadership and stakeholders, I annotated the new design to explain the reasoning and benefit to each edit.

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Software dashboard after
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Annotated change list

Trade strategy simulator for Fidelity Investments

Role: Design, information architecture

Fidelity Investments application final

Client services portal for FMG

Role: Design, design system, information architecture, business blueprint


Web sites

Website, brand & collateral prototypes for Enterprise DB

Role: Design

Enterprise DB website and branding

Interactive gallery prototype for Smithsonian Institution

Role: design, information architecture

Smithsonian search UI

Corporate intranet for FMG

Role: Design, branding, information architecture

Lazy Susan e-commerce final

Natural hazard mapping interface for FMG

Role: Design, development

FM Global Hazard Maps

Retail eCommerce site for Lazy Susan

Role: Design, prototyping

Lazy Susan e-commerce final

Online presence for We Care Technologies

Role: Design, development

We Care Computers website


Interactive companion site to television series for NOVA & PBS

Role: Design, animation

NOVA Absolute Aero interactive

Health care portal for UMass Medical School

Role: Design, development

Health Care Training Forum website

Interactive brain cancer courseware for Silverplatter Education

Role: Design, animation

Brain anatomy interactive

Interactive Ultrasonography courseware for Silverplatter Education

Role: Design, animation

Ultrasound imaging interactive
"Jay has deep and broad set of UX/UI skills and is able to tackle all aspects of end-to-end design. He's tirelessly energetic, passionate, and smart about user-centered design." – Maria E Ruiz, Assistant Vice-President, Product Owner, FM Global