About Jay

Jay and his kid

I'm a senior-level designer who moves fluidly between UX, UI and Visual disciplines, creating work that educates, persuades and entertains.

My career spans a wide range of industries for both B2B and B2C clients, building websites, native mobile apps, web-based applications and interactive education. Additionally, I'm an accomplished illustrator and motion designer.

Working at creative agencies, corporations and as a consultant, I've served as Creative Director, Art Director and Senior Visual Designer. Regardless of my title, my goal is always to be of the most possible value to the project. I'm comfortable in many business environments and have worked directly with clients to brainstorm and solve design challenges.

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Client work includes

Logos of clients


"Jay's work has intelligence and impact, and he's got the technical chops to assure everything will work. As a bonus, he’s a fine human being, with a great sense of fun. He always comes through."

– Michael Solow, Creative Director, Braun Consulting

"Jay's a smart and capable designer with a strong artistic background. He's great at identifying and then solving customer problems. He's also really easy to work with due to his friendly and cooperative nature. Jay would make a smashing addition to any technology team looking for great UX/UI design."

– James Brooks, UX/UI Architect and Designer

"Jay's a rare jack of all trades, in an industry that has become very specialized. He understands the nuances of user needs, creates compelling designs, and turns those designs into functional and easy to maintain websites. I’ve found Jay's SEO and digital marketing skillset to be essential to the success of multiple projects."

– Tim Dailey, Senior Manager, Digital Experience, Enterprise DB

"Set aside the astounding breadth of Jay's knowledge of the tools of his craft, and set aside the depth of his experience at building extraordinary digital interfaces, the thing to know about Jay is that he has the rare ability to blend creativity and curiosity to create cutting-edge results."

"Speaking as someone who has actually deployed his UX designs, I can attest to the fact that his designs deploy well, translating from design to deployed code with ease."

– Michael Grover, Oracle

"I've worked with Jay for fifteen years. He's my favorite designer because he understands messaging, usability and how to write clean code."

– Jonathan Hochman, Hochman Consultants

"Jay is fantastic. He did amazing, beautiful work on eight interactives for people with Alzheimers, the PBS therapeutic game site."

– Ted Selker, Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab

"Jay is an excellent team player and contributed to the organization's overall performance and morale. He is able to rapidly grasp the commercial, content and technical implications of a project, and can be relied on to deliver on time. "

– Richard Wynne, Aries Systems

The best thing about working with Jay is his ability to take your idea, no matter how vague, and turn it into an amazing design. I'm not saying he's a mind reader, but he can talk your through the process in a way even the most un-Web-savvy of us can understand. He also throws in funny jokes, free of charge”

– Gina Cary, womenworking.com

Jay is a Swiss army knife of design skills, with keen instincts for creating clean user experiences that go to the heart of what the client needs. He’s also a team player and easy to work with.”

– Phil Tavares Director, Global eCommerce Hasbro, Inc.

Diagram showing my skills set

Design disciplines

Design process experience

  • Conduct research and interviews
  • Study audiences/personas and map experiences/journeys
  • Gather user and business requirements
  • Build information architecture (IA)
  • Develop content
  • Create storyboards, process flows, sitemaps and prototypes
  • Design and refine visuals and interfaces from drafts to finished work
  • Test usability: Formal trials, A/B and "guerrilla" methods

Development experience

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
  • WCAG, Section 508 compliance
  • Responsive design styling
  • Wordpress and Drupal customization
  • eCommerce development
  • Comfortable with Agile or Waterfall methodologies

Creative Leadership

  • Direction
  • Mentoring
  • Team building, collaboration and consensus building
  • Diplomacy
  • Process streamlining


  • Effective in a team or solo
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting
  • Advocate for balancing form and function
  • Strong advocate for project goals comes first, ego last

Supporting skills

  • Motion graphics/Animation
  • Illustration and Cartooning
  • Audio/video production
  • Print design
  • Branding and identity
  • Copywriting
  • Presentation design and template creation
  • Product photography and retouching
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and analysis
  • Social Media marketing
  • Google Analytics

Primary tools

  • Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, Acrobat)
  • Various UX design tools (Sketch, Invision, Adobe Xd, Axure)
  • Project management and collaboration tools (Trello, Asana, Slack, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mac preferred, but work cross-platform


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Design Focus (Cum Laude), University of Massachusetts

Career Highlights

Owner, UX/UI/Motion/Graphic Designer, Developer, Marketing Consultant

Pixel & Light Design


Role: Created UX, UI, motion, graphic designs and illustration to organizations ranging from international corporations to non-profits. Specializing in customized, content-driven design that showcases the client's identity and value.

  • Designed UX/UI/Visuals and developed over 100 websites
  • Designed UX/UI/Visuals for 13 native mobile apps
  • Developed and maintained eCommerce sites
  • Created hundreds of technical/editorial illustrations and cartoons
  • Animated motion design educational products
  • Built interactive presentations
  • Created company brands and identity
  • Designed print collateral from packaging to billboards
  • Streamlined production process to improve efficiency
  • Built and maintained dozens of client relationships
  • Consistently complete projects on-time and on-budget
Client work produced for:

Google, Fidelity Investments, NBC, Pixar, PBS, Smithsonian Institution, National Air & Space Museum, Nokia, Unilever, Warner Brothers, Turner Broadcasting, Viacom, Volkswagen, Boston University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, University of Connecticut, and many volunteer projects for non-profits


Received many accolades, including the MUSE award from The American Association of Media & Technology Committee

"Jay was a big part of the success of the Google Search Stories campaign – the most successful UGC campaign in YouTube history."

– Phil Tavares Director, Global eCommerce Hasbro, Inc.

Senior Visual Designer

Event Zero


Role: Created UI/Visual designs for clients ranging from large companies to start-ups.

  • Lead UX/UI/Visual projects
  • Participated in information architecture (IA)
  • Creative directed photoshoots for clients
  • Lead Visual Design group conferences
Client work produced for:

Barnes & Noble, Shawmut Capital and many, many start-ups

Creative Director

Silverplatter Education


Role: Created UX/UI/Visual designs, motion graphics, medical illustration and graphic design for medical education products focused on primary care physicians and specialists

  • Promoted from Design Lead to Creative Director in 1995
  • Lead UX/UI/Visual/Montion design for over 40 educational, interactive multimedia products
  • Designed, illustrated and developed 30 issues of bi-weekly web journal
  • Mentored creative team and junior staff
  • Worked directly with content authors and specialists

Received many accolades, including the Macromedia (now Adobe) Instructional Design Award for Educational Media

Genealogy book and William Shatner

When I'm not pushing pixels around

In my spare time I continue finishing work on the craftsman-style bungalow my wife Kim and I designed and built in a small central Connecticut town. Interests include woodworking, painting, sculpture and watching our daughter grow into a talented young person with excellent taste in musicals. I've recently completed and published a 250-page history on our families combined genealogy.

Want to talk about sci-fi? Let's go!