User Experience (UX) Design

UX experience includes research, interviews, user journeys, empathy maps, wireframes, storyboards and multiple testing methods.

Mobile Dating App

Phase 1 Examples - Early flowboards - low-fidelity

Open dating app 1

Phase 2 Example - Layouts for Invision prototype - medium-fidelity

Open dating app 2

Phase 2 Example - Proof-of-Concept Invision prototype (View in Invision)

Phase 3 Examples - User setting screens

Open dating app 2

Phase 4 Examples - In-app chat flow

Open dating app 3

Final UI

Open dating app final

Research artifact example

Open dating app research artifact

User Journey artifact with persona - This user flow includes a user dealing with online harassment in the app.

Open dating app user journey

User Journey artifact - This example shows an internal audit of an early sign-up process and streamlining suggestions.

Open dating app user journey

Stock Trading Web Applications

Interactive ribbon wireframe

Fidelity Investments application 1

Stock research flowboards

Fidelity Investments application 2

Final UI

Fidelity Investments application final


Low-fidelity wireframes for e-commerce site

Lazy Susan e-commerce

Final UI

Lazy Susan e-commerce final

Mobile Health App

Low-fidelity flowboards for iPhone app

Monroe mobile app

Final UI

Monroe mobile app final
"Jay has the rare ability to blend creativity and curiosity to create cutting-edge results. I can attest to the fact that his UX designs deploy well, translating from design to code with ease." – Michael Grover, Oracle